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The price listed is the base price of the package. Each additional coat and/or correction step is $150 extra. Additional coating and/or correction steps are required depending on the condition of your vehicle. Final invoice will include additional fees, if any. If you wish to get a quote first, please come into Genuine Detail for the final price of your package. Financing available in store.


2 Foam Baths

Clay bar

Blow Dry

Two Stage Paint Correction

Rotary Aggressive Compound and Fine Polishing

3rd Foam bath (Strips oils)

Blow Dry

Alcohol Bath

Dual Layer Rocket Wax 9H Ceramic Coating

Engine Bay Detail

Interior Hot Steam Cleaned

Wheels and Barrels Deep Cleaned

No need to wax with ceramic coating

Lasts up to 2-5 years

Ceramic Coating Special

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